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The Numbers Are In for Trump’s 1st Yr in Office vs. Obama’s 8 Yrs. Here’s Who Came Out on Top…

There is a certain difference in opinions when it comes to President Trump’s beliefs on what America ought to look like and how the Democrats and a few ‘honorable’ Republicans perceive it.

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Trump also has admitted to changing his mind easily, but no one can blame the man since America’s safety situation is escalating in a thunderstorm of violent occurrences.

Still, no one can hold a grudge since America is making progress one day at a time.

At the moment, the unemployment rate reached 4.1{e382b5a672813c62b9829d147a3013d5e4ea1c2ddea46b992b7cb0064b09b826}, a number not seen in the past 17 years. Talk about getting stuff done!
As of October of this year, around 1.4 million jobs were opened, which brought the unemployment rate of 4.1{e382b5a672813c62b9829d147a3013d5e4ea1c2ddea46b992b7cb0064b09b826}. Compared with the Obama era, Americans lost 4.8 million jobs while the unemployment rate reached 10{e382b5a672813c62b9829d147a3013d5e4ea1c2ddea46b992b7cb0064b09b826}!

Who can say Trump is not doing enough?

At the moment there is a total boost of 18,000 jobs lost previously, which means business is about to boom in America once again.

Back in January of this year, as Trump was elected, the unemployment rate was at 4.8{e382b5a672813c62b9829d147a3013d5e4ea1c2ddea46b992b7cb0064b09b826}.

And who can forget the stock market, which is also at its peak?

Don’t ever for a second get yourselves wrapped up in the liberal net- the results are in and they are marvelous.

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