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Muslim Lawyer Says Raping Women Who Wear Ripped Jeans is a Man’s ‘National Duty’

Liberals gathered to boycott President Trump on many occasions, including during the Women’s March, where even singer and actress Madonna stepped out and said she would love nothing more but to see the White House burn down. Still, she was never once sanctioned on her words, and yet we witnessed an obvious threat. Much like Madonna we also saw Linda Sarsour and actress Ashley Judd who got away with their statements, too.

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But, it is oftentimes necessary that we face the facts and see what this war by a liberal woman means.

The Daily Mail reports, “A Lebanese pop star has been reprimanded by Egyptian authorities after wearing a pair of shorts on stage.

Haifa Wehbe, 41, says she was ‘called for interrogation’ after donning the olive green mini-shorts during a performance at the American University of Cairo last weekend. The pop star claims a female journalist watching her performance was so upset she complained to the country’s tourism police. The police passed the complaint to the Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate, which licenses performers in the country, which summoned Haifa’s manager to complain.”

She then tweeted:I was shocked to learn that a female journalist has lodged a complaint against me at the Syndicate in objection to the shorts I wore. ‘Has it become intentional [to jeopardize me] after every successful performance in Egypt? Or is this civilized look (my outfit) strange to some people?’ She also claimed to have been summoned by the syndicate, though a spokesman for the organization denied this while speaking to Al Arabiya. The spokesman said the organization has taken no step to ban her and will not require her to appear in person. Haifa’s manager was called to ‘warn’ him that the singer should pick outfits which ‘take into account the traditions and customs of Egyptian people’.”

So, we’re not going to Egypt, I guess. Also, I find it amusing this “syndicate” is even talking to Al Arabiya, the Islamic group who currently rules in Qatar. Wasn’t that where America released five senior Taliban commanders?

Therefore, it is not about coexisting and tolerating each other- it is all about politics and submissiveness.

What’s also good to ask is if the American University of Cairo actually preaches tolerance and acceptance, and if so, why we have this happening in the first place?

And this is not where you’ll see the standard liberal freedom to just hang Madonna’s words in a frame, or Ashley Judd’s or Linda Sarsour’s insane narrative?
It is one thing to stand for all women, but it is another to support only causes funded by Gorge Soros. Do we need to hunt down those who are dressed in all black and follow the Sharia Law? Is that what’s next in store?

Here is what other complains state:

“The complaint against Haifa emerged in the same week an Egyptian prosecutor suggested it was men’s ‘national duty’ to rape women in ripped jeans. Nabih al-Wahsh said that if a woman wore such trousers she deserved to be sexually assaulted and harassed. Egypt’s highest women’s rights body has since reported the lawyer, who made the comments during a television appearance, for ‘promoting sexual harassment’. 

Nada Draz of the state National Council for Women also said today that the comments ‘explicitly promote rape’. Ripped jeans have been at the heart of controversy in recent weeks about their propriety, with some university colleges banning students from wearing them on campus. Egypt is a majority Muslim country of some 95 million that largely adheres to conservative interpretations of Islam.”

Check out the video below and take a look at Mr. al-Wahsh and his severe statement:

Liberals play tricky games and never even show a glimpse of their so-called transparency. People are finally reading into it, taking nothing for granted.

Tolerance seems like a dead-end street to me right about now. It is a fake concept contemplated by Democrats to try and bribe the citizens of American emotionally. Feminists have never been as unproductive as they are now, and the picture they’re painting at the moment is pretty weak.

This time around there were no female liberals to express their honest opinions- all we witnessed was silence.

Is it okay to talk about raping women for something they wore? Honestly, are we ready to truly battle this issue for real or are we going to keep playing games until we get tired? Get a grip, feminists! You wanted your moment to shine, so why didn’t you take it once you had the chance?

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