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After Trump Finished His Speech, The Navajo Code Talker Veteran Had Just One Last Thing to Say to Him

President Donald Trump hosted three U.S. Marine Corps Navajo code talkers Monday to commemorate their important work during World War II.

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After Trump gave his speech and threw a jab at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), he started to shake the hands of the three veterans when one of them wanted to get in the last word.

“Mr. President, we know you’ll succeed,” Peter MacDonald said as Trump shook his hand. “America is in good hands. You have all top Marine Corps generals as your assistants here.”

“That’s true, that’s true,” Trump responded.

“So we know that we are in good hands,” the World War II veteran added.

The assistants he was referring to were White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford. All of them served together when Mattis and Kelly were still in the Marines.

Watch the video below.

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