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Remember the Sign Prince Harry Made Next to Melania? Here’s What it Really Means

Not too long ago, one photograph appeared on social media after Prince Harry and Melania Trump met in Toronto, Canada. In the photograph, Prince Harry was making a hand gesture that confused the people. Anyhow, the same gesture appeared once again on the day he announced his engagement.

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In the photograph, it seems like Prince Harry was making the sign as he stood next to Melania. In fact, the liberals believed that Harry was making the “devil sign” to warn the world about Melania.

They even claimed that Harry was referring to her as “evil” woman, but as usual, they were wrong and were only spreading fake news about the first lady.

After analyzing Harry’s public meetings, it seems that he often does that same hand gesture. Some believe he is simply unbuttoning his jacket, and other think he does this when he is nervous. Anyhow, the truth was revealed the day he and Meghan Markle announced their engagement.

In the video, Harry is standing by his fiancé and once again he did the same hand gesture. Seeing how he did this on the day he was presenting the happy news about his love to Markle, it’s pretty clear that the sign is an innocent hand gesture.

This means only one thing — the liberal media will only spread lies and fake news to attack the first family.

It wasn’t a “sick” sign, it wasn’t an Illuminati message, and it wasn’t some evil plan that he created to harm the president of America and the first lady. It is simply a hand gesture that he does just like other people put their hands in their pockets.

This scandal started just because liberals wanted to humiliate the first lady. They are so caught up in their hatred towards the Trump family, they are willing to do anything to harm them. Clearly, they are good at creating fake news, and if some people chose to believe in the lies, then there is nothing much we can do. Anyhow, they are also people who know what is happening and are just annoyed by it.

Melania is a classy woman and Harry is a perfect gentleman. So, there is nothing that would’ve suggested that the Prince intention was to “channel the Illuminati” or call Melania “Evil.”

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