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Parents Forced to Leave Miracle Baby Who Died in Arms at NICU, Then Cops Stepped in

Baby Axel Winch was born at 29 weeks with many genetic problems, only a miracle was going to keep him alive. Due to a lack of necessary equipment to help him in his town, he was taken 300 miles away to Children’s Hospital Colorado to be treated in the NICU.

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Melissa and Adam Winch, Axel’s parents, stayed with him for months in the hospital. Their “mystery baby” confused the doctors who couldn’t diagnose him.

Baby Axel died several times in his parents’ embrace, but the nurses revived him every single time. He was proving over and over that miracles are possible.

So, naturally, it was heartbreaking when his mom and dad had to return to work so far from him. Melissa is a police officer, and Adam worked as a police officer but now he has his own business.

“I cried not all the way home, but majority of the way home. It’s terrible,” Melissa said about having to leave her son alone in the hospital.

Melissa and Adam didn’t know when or if they will hold their son again.

But that was the moment when the Aurora Police Department stepped in. One police officer’s kid was also in the same hospital, so he connected with the Winch family.

Sgt. Mike Pitrusu wanted to set a cuddle watch’ for Axel.  “I didn’t want him to be alone,” he said.

Pitrusu also runs Aurora PD’s Employee Support and Wellness unit, so he set up the ‘cuddle watch,’ and his officers signed up for a time when they will be there visiting Axel.

When his mom and dad weren’t next to him, almost 20 officers cuddled Axel so he won’t be alone.

The officers also visited his parents, helped them raise money for their son, and even welcomed them into their homes.

Sgt. Pitrusu said it wasn’t only the baby who had a positive gain from this, but also the officers. The Aurora PD says this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship with the family.

After many months spent in the hospital, the family got incredible news, they can finally take baby Axel home.

His parents say Axel wants always to be held, and they are happy to do so.

Though his future is unclear, his parents are thankful that he is healthy and happy. “God bless the Aurora Police Department,” Adam wrote in a Facebook post after they returned home with Axel. “God answers prayer and performs impossible miracles, now and forever.”

“We almost need to set up a cuddle watch for Children’s Hospital, just give the opportunity to come in and take care of the little ones,” Sgt. Pitrusu said.

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