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NFL DISASTER: Tickets SELLING for $29 as Attendance Plummets

The National Football League continued to struggle with furious fans this weekend, with game attendance at such lows that team owners were promoting tickets for as little as $29 in a desperate attempt to fill stadiums across the country.

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According to the Baltimore Sun, the NFL’s Ravens –who have sold out every single home game since the team landed in Maryland more than 20 years ago- were promoting massive discounted tickets in the hopes angry fans would return to the game.

League officials and the team’s owner were stunned when tickets for Sunday’s sold-out game flooded the resale market, where thousands of Raven’s fans dumped tickets in nearly every section of the stadium –some for as little as $29.

“The league faces troubles on multiple fronts this year from politics to health and the game itself,” write the Sun.

“There’s fan anger, stoked by President Donald Trump, over the decision of some players to kneel during the national anthem to protest racial inequity and police brutality; injuries to star players such as Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers; fresh concerns about the long-term effects of hits and concussions on players’ brains; and inconsistent play,” the article adds.

The NFL was thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year after President Trump called for a nationwide boycott of the league until players are required to stand during the national anthem.

The ensuing controversy has cost the embattled association nearly $500 million in lost revenue during the 2017 season.

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