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Atheists Will Hate the New Test Results from Traditional Site of Christ’s Tomb

Here is another reason for atheists to be extra miserable this holiday season.

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Examination performed at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which most of the people believe is the tomb of Jesus, confirmed that the remains of a limestone cave enshrined in the area were remnants of Christ’s tomb.

Historians say Constantine found the tomb with help from his mother Helena between 325 and 326 A.D. Nearly destroyed in 1009, the Holy Sepulchre since then has been restored by various Christian groups, such as Byzantines and the Crusaders. But recent work around the tomb triggered opening it for the first time in centuries.

Researchers took off a marble slab, which according to historical accounts, had been installed in the tomb in the Crusader era (around 1300-1500 A.D). This slab covered a ledge where Jesus body was laid after the crucifixion. When it was removed, researchers found a second fractured slab that had an engraved cross.

Specialists worked for nine months and determined that the broken slab at the hub of the area was from Constantine’s time.

“Obviously that date is spot-on for whatever Constantine did,” said Martin Biddle, an archaeologist who published a seminal study about the history of the tomb in 1999. “That’s very remarkable.”

Professor Antonia Moropoulou, who led the project, agrees with Biddle’s account.

“That was a great moment to validate,” says Moropoulou, who is a Chief Scientific Supervisor from the National Technical University of Athens.

Moropoulou said she was satisfied with the discovery.

“Very happy indeed. I did not expect it…but the monument talks, and it says it’s history,” she stated.

Atheists are going to hate this discovery because all they want to do is erase everything about Jesus and God from the earth.

Though there isn’t a definite proof that this is the tomb of Jesus, this discovery will help verify the Biblical account of the burial.

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